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We are always in the best position to help our clients in strategically planning the future of their business. It is because we have a broader picture of it. Business strategy and planning is a systematic procedure for determining the direction of a business. This service will also outline the goals and actions required to achieve that future vision.

Chi-mo Consultancy can help you implement technology that can significantly improve your productivity, such as Single Touch Payroll and cloud accounting. Electronic tools, devices and resources that create, process or store data come under digital technologies. In today’s digital age, awareness about technology and digital and knowing how to get the best out of it is essential for any business.

In this service, our professionals make a summary of the earnings and expenses of our client’s business in the spreadsheet. The sheet can be used to calculate the impact of a future event or decision. A financial model can be useful to a company in numerous ways. We provide this service to assist you in making more informed financial decisions.

Business improvement is a practice in which business leaders examine their business processes to identify areas where they can reduce errors and increase efficiency. Then they make changes to the processes to achieve these improvements. At Chi-mo Consultancy service, we offer this service to the clients, and our experienced professionals analyse the entire business thoroughly and prepare a report for the client.

Paying the tax and saving money is considered the most difficult part of financial planning. We offer this service that can help business owners in Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Brisbane etc., to plan their taxes and know about asset protection strategies.

An operational support system, also known as OSS, is a collection of computer programmes or an IT system used by reputed business consultation service providers all across the country. Our professionals also offer the service in which they monitor, analyse and manage a computer network system.

In this service, our consultants use their experienced and knowledge of finance, business, finance, and statistics to help different companies. Using this service, the business owners reduce or eliminate risk while carrying out financial, operational and technological business processes. We help the clients to identify, comprehend, and manage risks associated with daily operations. The consultants help business owners to make long-term financial decisions by conducting strategic analysis and monitoring.

Businesses in Australia that lack data science often has to rely on business consulting companies like Chi-mo that offer data science service. In this service, our professionals build up the analytics skills of clients, developing abilities and understanding of the internal workings of a business. Under this service, we offer more services that include strategy building, model development and validation of strategy.

Many businesses overlook the importance of cyber security, which leads to some fraud or scams. We offer a cyber fraud investigation service in which our experts investigate, analyse and recover vital forensic digital data from the networks involved in the attack. Whether it is a local network or the Internet, we identify the culprits and their true intentions. In a constantly changing business environment, it is essential to update your security from time to time to run the business without any concern.